Thursday, January 22, 2009

* FHE Lesson 4 Peaches, Prunes & Spiritual Progress

Week 4 January 2009
Peaches, Prunes & Spiritual Progress

Don't forget to give every family member a part of the lesson!

Assignment Planner

Open & Close with Prayer


Music Selections (Use anytime during the lesson! Use the songs throughout the week too!)

Dare to Do Right
Do as I’m Doing
Have I Done any Good?

Questions and links to ponder and pray about as you teach your family:
The Ensign January 2009
Peaches, Prunes & Spiritual Progress

Draw a large picture of a tree with many branches. Have family members label the branches with activities in which the family participates. Discuss which family activities might weaken our testimonies or lead us astray. Use scissors to cut off the branches and discuss how pruning can make us stronger. When we have a "bad" branch on the tree it makes it hard for the healthy branches to survive.

Discuss how a tree needs a solid root system.

Encourage your family to include positive and negative activities. Some ideas are:
* Telling a lie
* Taking things that don't belong to us
* Disobedience -- Doing what our parent(s) ask
* Saying our prayers
* Reading our scriptures
* Helping a family member or friend
* Not doing our chores
* Helping a neighbor
* Being on time
* Going to Primary and other church meetings
* What TV programs do you watch?
* What kind of music do you listen to?
* What kind of movies do you watch?
* Do you attend the temple reguarly?
* Giving a talk in primary or sacrament meeting
* Dressing modestly
* No secrets
* Communicating in a loving way
* Loosing our temper
* Singling people out of our group at school or home
* Being a good friend
* Saying bad words
* Saying good words


Search the scriptures to see how many times pruning and trees are used. Ask how the idea of pruning is represented in the scriptures.
How does this apply to us as individuals in the family?
The New Era

An Example of Believers

For the Strength of the Youth:
Dress and Appearance
Entertainment & Media
Music & Dance

Staying Strong to the Standards

Young Children

A story from the Friend:
(Includes a beautiful Picture of Jesus and the Children!)
Trying to Be Like Jesus

Do the Activity - Branches on a tree as describe above.

Treat Idea:
Enjoy some ice cream.
Add a plastic toy bug on top!

Throughout the week, return to the links as you reflect and re-teach!

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