Monday, March 2, 2009

* Lesson 9 FHE Manners


It is important to always make a great first impression- but, it is also equally important to make every impression a good one.
Being polite, kind, courteous and helpful are all attributes of Jesus Christ.
We should strive to become more like him in all of our day-to-day actions.
Creating good behaviors will help us become more peculiar in a world full of road-rage, negativity, rude and unkind behaviors.

Always begin and end with prayer.

Give each family member an assignment.

Song Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words

Scripture D&C 4:5-6

A great place to learn about manners.... Manners Guide


List 5-10 ways each person can improve their manners during the next week.

Discuss: Talk about why it is important to have good manners.

What are some bad manners that people have?

For one week, write down ways that people use bad and good manners as you make trips to the store, park, community center, church, social groups and so on.

Compare your lists before the next FHE lesson and see how people in your community act.

Practice 3 new good manner techniques listed on the "Manners Guide" or other manners not currently practiced.

*Remember, it is not an insult to say "Yes/No 'Mam and Sir" to adults and children of any age.

*It is also polite to give respect to our church friends as we give reference to them as "Brother," or Sister," "Bishop" Explain to your family why we refer to our church member friends in these ways.
Study the Manners link with your teen(s).
Ask them to name people they know who show specific manners.
How do these people act?
How does it feel to be around these kinds of people?
Write a note to a friend, teacher, or family member telling them how you have noticed their good manners. Express thanks for their good example. Make sure you deliver the note to him/her.

Treat: Ice-Cream in a Bag
Prepare and serve it using manners.

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