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* Fasting With A Purpose

Fasting With A
Lesson 19

Always begin and end with prayer.

Give each family member an assignment.
Assignment Planner

Scripture: Matthew 6: 16-18

Music: Search Ponder and Pray

The Gospel Library Defines Fasting as:

Fasting and Fast Offerings
To fast is to go without food and drink voluntarily for a certain period of time. Fasting combined with sincere
prayer can strengthen us spiritually, bring us closer to God, and help us prepare ourselves and others to receive His blessings.

When do we fast?
Fasting is a monthly practice for all Latter-day Saints. We gather together on the first Sunday (typically) of the month for a special Sacrament meeting, dedicated as a Fast and Testimony meeting.

Bearing Testimony:
During this special Sacrament meeting every member has the opportunity to bear their personal testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Fast Offering:
We also donate a "fast offering" which is usually the amount of money for two meals. The leaders of the church have asked members to be generous, as possible, with fast offerings that are strictly used to help the needy.

Fast With Purpose:
Members are taught to fast with a purpose. Fasting allows us to draw closer to heavenly Father and Jesus Christ while focusing on the spiritual rather than physical. The Law of the Fast has been taught in all dispensations-- from Isaiah in the Old Testament to Joseph Smith in the Doctrine and Covenants. Isaiah taught that by fasting we can "loose the bands of wickedness and undo the heavy burdens..."

What are some things we can fast for?
Some of the things we can fast for are to be able to receive personal revelation, resist temptations, help with jobs, school, family, church callings, seeking specific blessings, medical and so on. Whatever your purpose, have it be a private matter between you and the Lord.

Doctrine & Covenants 88:119

What the Scriptures Say About Fasting : New Era

Read the articles below from Latter-day leaders:

The Law of the Fast

Fasting For Grandma

During Sacrament meeting on April 26th, we were asked by the Bishopric to use next Sunday's fast for the purpose of fasting for missionary work in our ward. As we prepare for our fas, we should pray and ask Heavenly Father to inspire our minds and hearts concerning our nonmember neighbors and friends. We should ask Heavenly Father to to help us have the spirit with us as we share the gospel as a member missionary.
Preach My Gospel pg 93
"Elder M. Russell Ballard spoke of the power of the Spirit: “True conversion comes
through the power of the Spirit. When the Spirit touches the heart, hearts are changed.
When individuals . . . feel the Spirit working with them, or when they see the evidence of
the Lord’s love and mercy in their lives, they are edified and strengthened spiritually and
their faith in Him increases. These experiences with the Spirit follow naturally when a
person is willing to experiment upon the word. This is how we come to feel the gospel is
true” (“Now Is the Time,” Ensign, Nov. 2000, 75).
The Holy Ghost works in the hearts of people to bring about these changes. As people
choose to keep commitments, they will feel the power of the Holy Ghost more strongly
and will develop the faith to obey Christ. Thus, you should help the people you work
with grow in faith by inviting them to repent and to make and keep commitments."
Click on the home above and print it out.
Cut out the home and the five windows.
Glue each window in the window outlines on the gospel-sharing home.
With your family, talk about the ideas on the home.
Decide together what you can do to be missionaries now.
Place the gospel-sharing home where your family can see it.

Treats Keeping with the lesson, bake cookies and take them to a nonmember neighbor.

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