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* FHE LESSON 6: Service: Love One Another ~ Valentines

Service: Love One Another

Have a perfect Valentine Week everyone!

You don't need to be a member of every community charity board, or even have the specific church calling as a compassionate service leader to serve those around you. Service comes in a variety of forms, but always should be done with love. It's true that you always receive more when you give rather than when you receive. To put that to the test, use this simple Family Home Evening lesson to help your family learn of ways to serve one another and others.

Don't forget to give every family member a part of the lesson!

Open & Close with Prayer

Scripture: John 13:34,35 The scripture is highlighted on the page from this link.
Invite members of the family to memorize this scripture and it's reference!

Love At Home
Love One Another
Music Selections (Use anytime during the lesson! Use the songs throughout the week too!

Questions and links to ponder and pray about as you teach your family:

Several pink/purple paper hearts about 3 inches in size.

Family members can make these during the lesson, if you choose. The hearts can be left anonymous or you can have each person decorate, write his/her name, write I love you...etc.

During the mortal ministry of our Savior Jesus Christ, His days were spent in the service of others. While it was done out of pure love, so should our service to others. King Benjamin also taught this to the people that gathered themselves and their families to listen to his teachings. In one of the greatest scriptures of the Book of Mormon, he teaches valuable lessons.

Not only that when you serve others, you're in the service of God--but, he also taught that we should learn wisdom. Don't do an act of service just to do it. Learn from it. Take the time to realize how you grow as an individual and as a Christian--doing what Christ would do if he were here on earth.

The wisdom we learn as we serve is apart of the reason we 'receive' as we 'give.'
Use the following ideas in your family adjusting for

Teens and Young Children.

Decide as a family how you would like to do service together for someone, a family or an non-profit organization in your community. Plan on what service will be done, how it will be done and who will contact the appropriate arrangements if needed. In addition, discuss ways to serve one another in the family and write down how each person will give service over the next week at home.

Follow up on the service completed at your next family home evening.

Ideas for service outside the family: (heart attack (tape hearts to the door!) using the hearts your family made!)

1. Take a snow-plower/snow-shovel around the neighborhood and remove snow for free.
2. Offer to wash the windows of elderly peoples homes, run an errand, visit with them and learn about their life history.
3. Sing to people in nursing homes. (My mother lives at Family Tree in West Point. They love it when people come to visit, sing, read, tidy up!)
4. Walk and bath animals at a local animal shelter.
5. Help serve meals at a local homeless shelter.
6. Ask the Elder's Quorum President or Relief Society President who needs service in your ward.
7. Bake cookies or other treats and deliver them to neighbors you haven't met.
8. Find a non-profit organization in your community and find ways your family can serve them.

*Enlist other families to join in service projects with your family. Make it a combined effort to help those in need.

Ideas for service within the family: (heart attack (tape hearts to the person's bedrom door!) using the hearts your family made! Or leave a heart under a a shoe, etc.)

1. Take out the trash without being asked.
2. Take turns doing the dishes.
3. Make up someone else's bed for an entire week.
4. Clean out the car(s).
5. Read to little siblings before bed.
6. Help someone with their homework.
7. Polish shoes.
8. Tidy up a closet.
9. Sort the laundry-bundle the socks.

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