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* The Temple: I'm Going There Some Day

Bountiful Temple, Bountiful Utah
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The Temple:
I'm Going There Some Day
Lesson 12

Don't forget to give every family member a part of the lesson!Assignment Planner

Always begin and end with prayer.

Objective Lesson: The place whereon you stand is holy ground:

You will need a door mat or other type of rug.

Explain that we should prepare to enter the temple by cleaning off the world's debris.
Display the doormat, and point out that it is put in front of the door to provide those who enter the opportunity to wipe the dirt and debris from their feet so that they will not soil the inside of the home.
Explain that Heavenly Father has also placed a doormat outside his home. It is known as repentance. Repentance enables us to remove the things from our lives that are not clean. We all make mistakes and have need to repent. We should always try to follow the commandments, but when we make a mistake we need repentance. Explain further that unless we cleanse our lives of such debris, we will not be allowed into our Father's house.

Plan a Family Field Trip:
(Easter break is a great time!)

Go to the Temple Grounds. Plan to take pictures and share details about the particular temple you choose: when built, dedicated, etc. Share thoughts and feelings and help your family see the importance of preparing now to be able to enter the temple.

Show a completed family group sheet ( you can download one by clicking on the picture to the left) and talk about the importance of the people on the chart, the dates and the work that has been done, or needs to be done.


Work together with older children to fill this out.
Discuss the necessary Temple Work that needs to be completed for each of us. Discuss the fact that some of Heavenly Father's children did not have a chance to do their own temple work.
Why do we go to the temple after our own work is done? To do proxy work for those who did not have the chance to do thier own work. These people, who are deceased, have the opportunity to accept or reject the work we do for them as proxy.

Talk about what a promise is. Share the meaning of what a covenant is.
Talk about what a blessing is. Share the fact that Heavenly Father promises us blessings when we make and keep sacred covenants.

Ask any family members who have been to the temple to bare their testimony about the blessings they have received because of the covenants they have made, or because of the work they have done as proxy.

Share the following information as it fits with your family needs:
Preach My Gospel: pg.85
Eternal Marriage
The basic unit of the Church is the family. Within the family, people experience many of life’s greatest joys and sorrows. Marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God and is central to God’s eternal plan for the salvation of His children. The means by which mortal life is created is divinely appointed and is safeguarded by marriage. The divine plan of happiness enables family relationships to endure beyond the grave. Marriage, however, can be eternal only when authorized priesthood holders perform the sealing ordinance in sacred temples and when husbands and wives who have been sealed together keep the covenants they have made. Husbands and wives are to love each other. As they keep the commandments and live gospel principles, they are to honor their marital vows with complete fidelity (see “The Family: AProclamation to the World,” Ensign, Nov. 1995,
102; see also D&C 42:22).

Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of Jesus Christ and when parents make their family their highest priority. “By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families. Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children. In these sacred responsibilities, fathers and mothers are obligated to help one another as equal partners” (Ensign, Nov. 1995, 102). Together, parents are to teach their children the gospel of Jesus Christ and help them live it.

Satan is making a concentrated attack on families. Years ago Church leaders set aside Monday evening as a time for family home evening. Parents should use this time to teach their children the gospel, strengthen their relationships with them, and have fun together. Other ways of strengthening the family include daily family prayer and scripture study, worshiping at church as a family, and serving others. Heaven is a continuation of the ideal home. Through priesthood ordinances and righteous living, we can live as families in God’s presence eternally.

Preach My Gospel pg. 86
Temples and Family History
God has commanded His people to build temples. In the temple we make sacred covenants and are endowed with, or are given, a gift of power and knowledge from on high. This power helps us in our daily lives and enables us to build God’s kingdom. In the temple we can also be married for time and eternity, thus making it possible for families to be together forever in God’s presence. After at least one year of membership, worthy adults may be eligible to receive from their bishop a recommend to receive their own endowment. After receiving their endowments, married couples may be sealed or married for eternity.

The Savior loves all people and desires their salvation. Yet millions of people have died without having any opportunity to hear the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ or receive saving ordinances. Through His loving grace and mercy the Lord makes salvation possible for everyone who did not have the opportunity to receive, understand, and obey the gospel during their mortal lives. The gospel is preached to these deceased people in the spirit world. Members of the Church on earth perform the saving ordinances in behalf of their deceased ancestors and others. Deceased persons living in the spirit world have the opportunity to accept or reject the gospel and the ordinances performed in their behalf.

For this reason, Church members search for information about their ancestors. They complete pedigree charts and family group records and submit the names of deceased relatives who need to have saving ordinances performed on their behalf in sacred temples. This is family history work. Worthy members ages 12 and over, including new members,
may receive from their bishop a recommend to perform baptisms for the dead.

Treat: Donuts: Eternal blessings are like a circle, they have no end.

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