Sunday, March 29, 2009

* Preparing for General Conference

Don't "Cheet" yourself! Watch General Conference Next Weekend! (Buy some bags, write a note... pass them out to your neighbors, family and friends! ...anonymous works too!)
Lesson 13
Preparing For General Conference

179th General Conference April 4th & 5th 2009

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Don't forget to give every family member a part of the lesson!
Assignment Planner

Always begin and end with prayer.

D&C 58:56

Come Listen To A Prophet's Voice
We Listen To A Prophet's Voice

This week's lesson is created to prepare your family for next week's General Conference.

SHOW the family an April Calendar. Tell them that an important event is happening. It is General Conference. We will have the blessing of hearing the words and messages of our Prophet, some of Heavenly Father's Apostles and other leaders of our church.
Reserve the dates on the calendar April 4-5th.
Let the children know the times you will be watching conference.

TELL: Conference comes every 6 months. Count back the months and talk about when the last conference was (October). When will the next conference be? (October) Talk about how people can hear the words... via satelite, TV, printed word, internet... How will we hear the messages?

ASK: Do you remember last conference?
What do you remember about it?

ASK: What is revelation?
DISCUSS: We will receive words of revelation in each talk that is given. This revelation is given to our Church Leaders for us from our Heavenly Father.

ASK & DISCUSS: Are there any troubles we are having as an individual or family that we might need some answers from our Heavenly Father?
(ADULTS & TEENS...Write these down! During conference listen for the answers you are seeking for.)


DISCUSS what it will look and feel like while your family is listening to the words our Heavenly Father wants us to hear.
Will we be reverent?
Will we stay alert?
Will we play?
Will all of us do the same thing?
Are the expectations of young children the same as older children?
Who will prepare the meals?
Will there be snacks?
Will we invite an inactive neighbor, family member or friend to join us?
Will our testimony grow?
What should we do if we have questions or don't understand?

Make a list of expectations from the discussion above.
Ask each family member to sign his/her name on the list, promising to allow the spirit to be in our home while we hear these important messages.

I have compiled a LOT of resources for you to look at, print, select and use for yourself, teens, or young children. The resources are to be used as you watch General Conference next week.

Lots of good stuff here:

Print out the resources you decide to use (kids can choose from the links below). During this family home evening, show the printed packets and discuss how they will be used next week as you watch conference sessions together as a family.

You may need to pair up children with an older sibling or pair up with a parent to complete the projects you select.

TEENS (let your teen(s) choose from the links below!)

Our Priesthood Leaders

Preach My Gospel pg 44
"Prophet: A man who has been called by and speaks for God. As a messenger of God, a prophet receives priesthood authority, commandments, prophecies, and revelations from God. His responsibility is to make known God’s will and true character to mankind and to show the meaning of His dealings with them. A prophet denounces sin and foretells its consequences. He is a preacher of righteousness. On occasion, a prophet may be inspired to foretell the future for the benefit of mankind. His primary responsibility, however, is to bear witness of Christ."

Our current Apostles and Prophets information cards.
Learn about who will be speaking to us.
ASK: How do you think they are preparing for conference next week?
These cards can be shared with young children too!

Children and Young Children

Credit to!
A Booklet you can make.

Bingo. Color it when you hear or see it.

Activity Page

Conference Carousel

Treat: Go to the store and let each family member pick a 2 treats: 1 treat for this week (eat it on the way home!) and one treat for next weekend to be enjoyed while watching/listening to conference.

Ideas: Cookies, fruit, candy bar, fruit drink, yogurt, jerkey, chips, animal crackers, fruit snacks, veggies, etc.


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